“W-O-W: Wonder of Weaving”


“W-O-W: Wonder of Weaving” was a collaborative textile collection and installation by Homework, Thinkk Studio, and Room. Homework, known for producing high-quality Thai fabrics with various functional properties, incorporated the concept of “WOW” from the Thai language, symbolizing the sound of a kite, or “ว่าว.”

Thinkk Studio found kites intriguing as objects that evoke joy and represent a fusion of Thai culture and outdoor activities. The project aimed to capture this essence through captivating graphic designs inspired by kite structures. These designs were meticulously crafted with attention to both the framework and patterns found on kites.

To achieve the desired patterns for this fabric collection, we developed a graphical representation with 3-4 layers, each representing the framework and decorative motifs of kites. While the primary structure remained consistent for each fabric piece, additional layers were rotated and overlaid to create unique and intricate patterns. We initially created prototypes on paper using drawings and yarn embroidery until we were satisfied with the design, before transferring it to computer programs for production.

The fabrics in the collection were designed to be suitable for outdoor use, reflecting the characteristics of outdoor textiles. They possessed high durability, capable of withstanding rain and sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor activities. This collection marked the first time such jacquard fabrics were produced in Thailand, utilizing materials sourced entirely from the country.

“W-O-W: Wonder of Weaving” presented an exciting design challenge for us, as it was our first venture into creating jacquard textile patterns. It involved a dynamic exchange of ideas between Homework and Thinkk Studio, each challenging the other in terms of desired aesthetics and fabric properties.