Growing plants in small spaces presents challenges such as unsightly excess water trays that accompany plant pots. These trays collect stagnant water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Additionally, limited soil capacity in small pots requires frequent watering. To address these issues, THINKK Studio designed the innovative Hill Pot.

The Hill Pot combines functionality and an appealing design. It eliminates the need for a separate water tray by incorporating it seamlessly into the pot’s structure, enhancing visual appeal and preventing stagnant water accumulation.

Inspired by hills and mountains, the Hill Pot’s distinctive shape adds elegance to any space. It allows for easy plant placement, mimicking natural landscapes on tabletops or shelves.

The Hill Pot incorporates a smart watering system utilizing the integrated tray. Excess water is collected in the reservoir, allowing plants to draw water as needed through the bottom of the pot. This optimizes water retention and reduces the frequency of watering.

Furthermore, the Hill Pot received the Demark Award and the Good Design Award in 2018, recognizing its exceptional design. These accolades highlight the quality and creativity of the Hill Pot, celebrated by the design community.