SARN lamp

THINGG is a Bangkok based furniture and accessories brand dedicated to improving the quality of interior spaces through creative industrial works and local craftsmanship.

The brand was founded by THINKK Studio in 2016 to liven up Thai manufacturing and craftsmanship which have become quite stagnant for too long by applying the traditional knowhows and the cosmopolitan flair to local materials.

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Cement Wood Lamp

Specimen Editions, France 2011-2020
THINGG Store 2022-present

CementWood lamp  is a suspension lamp which provide more choices of materials for 2 main parts made of wood and concrete. It combine 2 different techniques for making the same shape of both materials, wood lathing and thin walled concrete casting. Concrete pieces are available in natural various colors which allow it to go with different types of interiors


Pendant lamp shades that took inspiration from lantern shapes found in many Asian cultures. The architectural ornamentation was meticulously weaved from the Corypha lecomtei Lecomte palm leaf by artisans from Palm Leaf Weaving Community in Baan Tublan, Prachin Buri where the Lecomte palm trees–a species endemic to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam–are protected. The weaving pattern, small interconnected floral shapes or ‘Phikun’ pattern, allows play of light that brings out intricate details of the craftsmanship.


“HAPPINESS | TIME” by Decha Atchananan of THINKK Studio that conveys the flow of feelings towards the unequal length of time through the set of toys with little balls rolling around, a brainchild conceived through the collaboration with a watchmaker that is challenging enough to keep players engaged for a long time


STUDIO 150 x The Archivist x THINKK Studio

In everyday life, the chair is a multipurpose tool that we used to sit, relax, or as a decoration. But, what we may not be aware of is the seating also speaks of the seated. Throughout human history; a throne represents the power of the ruler, a VIP seat shows who is the priority, a ‘Chairman’ refers to the person in charge of an organisation. It seems as though every chair has its own voice with or without the user, and a powerful one at that. Built upon this concept, our design gives a contemporary nod to the extraordinary role of the chair. This series of chairs act as a spokesperson on current affairs.