“LUNAR ELEGANCE: Mooncake Packaging and Serving Tray”


In collaboration with Sansiri, we had the opportunity to create a stunning mooncake packaging design that aimed to transcend its temporary nature and provide ongoing utility. We believe that investing in beautiful packaging solely for one-time use, only to be discarded each year, is a missed opportunity. Hence, our design for Sansiri’s mooncake packaging goes beyond mere aesthetics.

One key element of the mooncake packaging is the inclusion of a wooden tray, reminiscent of ancient Chinese food vessels, complete with handles. This multifunctional wooden tray serves not only as a platform for presenting the mooncakes but also as a serving tray for offering mooncake delights and tea. Its design pays homage to traditional wooden containers, adding an air of cultural significance to the packaging.

The versatility of the tray allows it to be repurposed and used long after the festival season. It provides a practical and decorative item for future occasions, serving as a lasting reminder of the festivities. By incorporating this aspect into the design, we sought to maximize the benefits derived from the packaging, extending its lifespan and value.

Designed by THINKK Studio

Illustration by Pavisa Meesrenon