DEWA 2020 product development begins its framework from adopting entrepreneurs with interesting waste materials from the agricultural and manufacturing processes. Together with the entrepreneurs who are open to the idea of expanding their products for the commercial sector, we transform these materials into something that is altogether environmentally and economically friendly.

The product development process relies heavily on understanding individual limitations in regard to quantity and handling, nature of the existing businesses, and each entrepreneur’s network and expertise, all in combination with concepts and designs that suit the lifestyle of consumers today and tomorrow.

The New Materials category can be divided into 2 approaches. First, a group of materials that have been tried and tested to a certain extent, or have been researched to some degree. Second, a group of materials that are previously unmapped. The latter group focuses on exploring and experimenting with a wide range of possibilities before designating suitable development processes for each material’s properties.

The Lifestyle category defines a new horizon and expands the range of products with respect to existing businesses. This promotes sustainable waste management by adding value to once disregarded remains and turning them into resources, and encouraging entrepreneurs to develop their own innovative thinking, or collaborate with partners for practicality.