Central Ayutthaya


“อยุธยา” typographic sculpture

We designed the letters of the word “Ayutthaya” in 3D form with the method of strung flower garlands that line the shapes of various kinds of flowers such as crown flowers, gardenia flowers, and jasmine flowers. This created a beautiful detail with a shadow dimension that generated a different atmosphere during the day and at night.

design: THINKK Studio
production: Geodesy Studio


U-Khao อู่ข้าว

Traditional Ayutthaya wooden houses are built on stilts. The space under the house is highly versatile. Apart from being an open space which can drain water from flooding seasons, it can also be an area for resting, working, raising animals, and storing supplies.

We want to present a new perspective on these lifestyles in a fun atmosphere that incorporates valuable basketry crafts. This design reflects various elements in the space under the houses, such as a buffalo tying a loincloth patterned scarf, which is one of the famous products of Ayutthaya. In addition, there is a simply structured wagon along with other decorations ranging from wood to metal with basketry work, wooden patio furniture, and heaps of rice straw with unusual colors and patterns.

design: THINKK Studio
production: Corner43decor