The project is a collaboration between THINKK, TANTAWAN, and KEWPIE. KEWPIE, as a major salad dressing manufacturer, generates a significant amount of waste from the production of polypropylene salad cups, amounting to approximately 1.8 tons per year. In the “Upcycling Upstyling 2” project, KEWPIE joins forces with TANTAWAN, a producer of food packaging zipper bags and beverage straws, to transform these waste materials. THINKK envisions both businesses’ connection to the food industry and aims to design a series of products related to dining areas. This includes ceiling pendant lamps, glass coasters, placemats, and vases. The waste materials are transformed into long, varied-sized, and colorful threads using TANTAWAN’s specialized machinery, which is typically used for producing beverage straws. These threads are then passed on to skilled communities specializing in weaving, resulting in beautifully crafted shapes and panels.

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