THINKK & Shoot


collaboration THINKK Studio & Paper Shoot

Paper Shoot & Thinkk Studio strive to develop, produce, exhibit and market together. We aim to become the pioneers in the digital art design market.

We created a camera unlike what you have seen before. By using natural leaves to make the front panel, each piece has its own unique shade and pattern representing the beauty of nature.

The “Natural Sleeve Leaf” material used in the Leaf series is produced in Thailand. The delicate edges with clear veins and overlapping leaf edges fully demonstrate the individuality of leaves. Made by a special method, it is soft to the touch, yet durable like leather. By using natural pigments to color the sleeves, the unevenness and texture of the veins are retained. Each piece also has a faint scent of pomelo leaves.

In addition to the photo experience, the user can enjoy the refreshing nature of the city. The natural texture goes well with the solid natural wood frame. This camera fits comfortably in a variety of fashion styles.