Stamping Chair


Stamping Chair, a captivating fusion of creativity and industrial expertise. Crafted from perforated steel sheet, this chair is the result of a collaboration between our design team and a manufacturing company seeking to enhance their production capabilities.

Traditionally focused on manufacturing small steel parts through punching machines, the company faced challenges in competing with cheaper imports. Eager to explore new avenues and maximize their existing machinery, they turned to us for guidance. We presented them with an audacious proposition: to utilize their expertise and equipment to punch a larger sheet size and create a functional chair.

Venturing into uncharted territory, the company embarked on their inaugural journey into producing furniture of this scale. Embracing innovation, we incorporated a corrugated punching pattern, strengthening the steel sheet to ensure a seat sturdy enough for comfort.

Over the course of nearly three years, we navigated the learning curve associated with this unique production process, working with humble, low-tech machinery. While the design can be easily produced by innovative furniture brands using our drawings, our greatest joy lies in supporting this manufacturer. This project stands as a testament to our unwavering belief in the transformative potential of the design process to uplift and empower manufacturers in innovative ways.