Crab Shells Tables for COS


Crab Shells 🦀 to Tables
by THINKK Studio for COS

In February of this year, we were contacted by COS’s interior team for their upcoming store at EmQuartier in Bangkok. They were keen on us designing and producing tables using a particular waste material, which led us to revisit a project we had undertaken two years prior—developing a material derived from discarded crab shells.
Despite the constraints of time, we enthusiastically embarked on this endeavor. Our team worked diligently to craft these exquisite tables. We started with a substantial collection of crab shells, a byproduct of the seafood industry, which we meticulously ground and blended with casting material. Following this, we honed and coated the pieces with natural wax.
These unique tables have found their place within COS’s new store concept, reflecting a commitment to local craftsmanship and sustainable design. A heartfelt thank you to the COS team for their support on this journey.