“Woodworks Unveiled: Modern Expressions of Thai Craftsmanship” part of SACICT Thai Innovative Craft Storytelling Campaign


THINKK Studio has been entrusted by SACICT (Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand) to present the potential and skills of Thai woodworkers through a collection that blends the wisdom of woodwork from various regions in Thailand. This collection showcases a diverse range of skills, including turning, carving, joinery, bending, pyrography, and painting. It is a great opportunity for us to study, explore, and experiment with new ideas together with skilled artisans.

The collaboration with talented woodworkers allows us to delve into the rich heritage of Thai woodworking techniques and traditions. We aim to create a collection that not only showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of Thai woodwork but also brings a contemporary touch to the designs. By merging traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, we strive to develop innovative and meaningful pieces that celebrate the artistry and cultural significance of Thai woodworking.

Through this collaboration, we not only aim to create visually stunning pieces but also to foster a deeper appreciation for the skills and artistry of Thai woodworkers. We believe that by highlighting the talent and craftsmanship of these artisans, we can contribute to the preservation and promotion of Thailand’s woodworking heritage while also creating a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Photo styling and key visual by 56thstudio