Lamptitude is a leading importer and distributor of lighting fixtures in Thailand, and they have approached us to collaborate on designing architectural lighting fixtures such as downlights, tracklights, and wall lamps. In the current market, lighting fixtures have become increasingly smaller due to intense competition among manufacturers. However, we believe that there is a need to design fixtures that have a stronger identity and a greater interaction with the surrounding space.

Our goal is to create lighting fixtures that stand out, playing with the dimensions of light and shadow while maintaining a foundation of simplicity and respect for the ambiance of the space. The PLEAT Collection takes the form of cylindrical shapes with pleated and extruded profiles made from aluminum. These profiles undergo transformation to become various types of lighting fixtures.

The unique pleated design of the fixtures adds texture and visual interest, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The extruded aluminum profiles not only provide structural integrity but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. The PLEAT Collection aims to elevate the presence of lighting fixtures, allowing them to become sculptural elements within architectural spaces.

With its distinctive design language and attention to detail, the PLEAT Collection offers a fresh and captivating approach to architectural lighting, enhancing both the visual and functional aspects of interior and exterior spaces.