TAILIM has been a shipyard for fishing boats made of wood for the past 50 years. However, after the southern region, which was its main customer group, was heavily affected by the dust storm in 2532, boat construction gradually declined until it eventually had to stop. TAILIM was left with only the primary business of selling wood for 15 years. The successors of TAILIM started seeking a way to revive the business by transforming it into a furniture manufacturer. Through trial and error, they learned from their mistakes and established a solid foundation for this new business. They were inspired by the captivating qualities of genuine Thai wood and the skilled craftsmanship of experienced woodworkers who used to build wooden boats.

Our encounter with TAILIM through the CEA project led to the creation of a new furniture piece called Pimol. Pimol is a versatile work desk and multipurpose space for various activities such as nursery plants. It is equipped with a lighting system for convenient use in different areas. The design retains the distinctive characteristics that reflect the roots of TAILIM, which was once a shipyard. Drawing inspiration from the structure of boats and the meticulous craftsmanship of experienced woodworkers, this wooden furniture represents the brand’s experience and identity exceptionally well.