Rams in the Backyard


“Rams in the Backyard” is a continuous project from the design of Gentle Rams store. It is located on the second floor of the same building. The challenge in this design was dealing with the low ceiling and the heat from the roof, which made the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. To address these issues, we designed a zigzag-shaped ceiling using mirror-finished aluminum composite material, hiding heat insulation above it. This not only solved the heat problem but also created a spacious and pleasant environment.

Reflecting the playful and comfortable nature of the brand, which is known for its easy and ready-to-wear clothing, we incorporated the concept of “playful backyard” into the space. The graphic pattern on the carpet is inspired by the cobblestone floor pattern which normally find in the garden or walkway. Each piece of furniture was designed as an artistic expression, offering visitors a unique and unexpected experience, akin to stumbling upon different items by chance.

Interior Design & Art Direction: THINKK Studio
Artwork Assistant Designer: Rumrada Taungwerageati
Artwork Production Assistant : Phruek Wasasiri