City Materials


City material project takes participants on a journey exploring familiar Bangkok, which, over more than 200 years since its establishment, has become the dynamic and fast-changing metropolis, and home to one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world. One of THINKK Together’s key interests is that Bangkok has a wide assortment of familiar materials that constantly pose new challenges to designers, and, therefore, the collaborations within the framework of the project will help determine problem-solving methods and identify opportunities brought by the diversity of materials available in Bangkok.

Materials selected to be part of the project, ranging from coffee ground, urban tree, plastic bag, incense stick, lottery ticket and construction waste, are the materials created in the urban context of Bangkok, whether it be the emergence of new cafés, the popularization of Wai-Phra culture (paying respect to Lord Buddha in religious places), or woodlands in the city. Not only does each material represent Bangkok’s identity, but they are also potential materials that can be further developed to create new ones.

Bangkok Design Week 2019