Seatscape & Beyond


One Bangkok, together with THINKK Studio presentan experimental concept behind public furniture design as installations.The project presents itself as a rendezvous point at the heart of Bangkok Design Week 2022. The collaboration questions the surrounding context of public seating and lays the ground for One Bangkok’s Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond.”

For the past 2 years with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, there are still limitations that restricted human interactions. The extended new normalcy then intensifies people’s longing to meet and reconnect with each other. People have also developed their own level of comfort when it comes to physical interactions.

The installation by One Bangkok and THINKK Studio under ‘rendezvous steps’ concept intended to temporarily transform the steps in front of the Grand Postal Building into a meeting point. A spot where visitors can explore the new possibilities in the pandemic uncertainty and how that affects the use of public space. Through a pivotal tool of design process, defining, and directing space management and seating arrangements. The process and outcomes will be documented and archived as a case study and a point of reference for students participating in One Bangkok’s Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” to further study and navigate.

project and exhibition by THINKK studio
art direction and graphic design by studio 150