One Bangkok Pavilion


Is it possible that ‘sitting,’ one of the most common positions, can actually improve context surrounding the public space and, ultimately, the existence of the space itself? In what way can this human interaction with the public space enable a better and happier life for people in the city, while still being more attuned to current and future scenarios?

One Bangkok invites everyone to explore this proposition through a collection of urban furniture developed by 10 winning teams of One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond.” Seatscape & Beyond Open Studio will showcase behind-the-scenes stories and elements collected during a 5-month workshop and design development led by THINKK Studio and several of Thailand’s creative professionals, including sketches, prototypes, material samples, photographs, videos, and so on. The co-development of this first urban furniture collection reaffirms One Bangkok’s vision of utilizing creativity to deliver a better experience in the public realm to the city of Bangkok.

One Bangkok Urban Furniture Competition 2022 “Seatscape & Beyond” was organized by One Bangkok in collaboration with THINKK Studio with special support from the eisa (Education Institute Support Activity) program by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited. The contest serves as a platform where university students can experiment and propose public seating designs. Aspiring designers can enjoy an opportunity not only to learn in-depth and seek advice from experts, but to also develop their works in close collaboration with professional designers from the design stage to fabrication, installation and actual use in the public realm of One Bangkok.

Bangkok Design Week 2023