R Chair for Corner 43


The R Chair, a redesign of the traditional wooden chair commonly found in Northern Thailand, presented a challenge for THINKK Studio. Before embarking on the redesign process, it was crucial to identify the limitations and issues of the original chair and explore ways to improve upon them.

The chair had a distinctive appearance, featuring authentic wood that resonated in certain Thai contexts, evoking a sense of community and Thai identity. However, it struggled to adapt to modern spaces and had limitations. It was heavy, cumbersome to move around, unable to stack, and not suitable for outdoor use. These aspects became focal points for improvement.

To address these challenges, the R Chair was designed as a modern successor to its original counterpart, ready to embrace new environments and atmospheres. The primary structure was crafted from lightweight aluminum, enabling it to be used outdoors effectively. The chair also offered a variety of powder coat colors, allowing for versatile customization that could seamlessly integrate with various interior design styles. The seating, backrest, and armrests were wrapped in outdoor ropes, offering both comfort and a wide range of color options. Furthermore, the structural design was modified to allow for stackability, adding practicality to its features.

While introducing contemporary elements, the R Chair retained the original chair’s dimensions, armrest size, and curved design. This ensured a familiar sitting experience, bridging the connection between the original chair and its updated version. The R Chair represents a successful transformation of a traditional piece into a modern and versatile seating solution, combining aesthetic appeal with improved functionality.The chair was first unveiled at the “Anonymous Chair” exhibition by the Issaphap Design group before being further developed into a furniture piece under the Corner 43 brand.