THINKK Studio is honored to have collaborated with LOKALT, an inspiring project that celebrates local craftsmanship and fosters collaboration between designers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Led by Maria O’Brian, Creative Director at IKEA, Sweden, this limited edition collection brings together talented designers from Amman, Delhi, and Bangkok.

We are proud to have contributed our design expertise to the ceramics collection of LOKALT. Meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of cultural homecoming during the Songkran festival, each piece showcases the skillful craftsmanship of social entrepreneur Doitung in Thailand. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design elements, our team at THINKK Studio has created exquisite and distinctive works of art that pay homage to the cultural values of Thailand.

Through our collaboration with local artisans and social entrepreneurs, under the guidance of Maria O’Brian, we strive to promote economic empowerment and community development. LOKALT is more than just a collection; it is a celebration of local craftsmanship, cultural exchange, and sustainable design.