DRIP KIT is a collaborative coffee kit by DOITUNG and THINKK Studio, combining the minimalist design aesthetic of THINKK Studio with community craftsmanship from Doi Tung. This DIY (Drip it yourself) Coffee kit allows you to brew your own drip coffee at home, tailored to your space and brewing preferences.

The coffee kit is designed with simplicity in mind, providing easy-to-follow instructions for brewing drip coffee in the comfort of your own home. It caters to the growing need for personal space and incorporates a minimalist design that is both functional and convenient to use.

The coffee dripper is made of ceramic, which helps maintain the temperature of the water, resulting in a unique taste and sensory experience compared to other types of drippers. The grooves of the dripper are perfectly suited for coffee filter paper, allowing it to extract the aroma and flavor of the coffee to its fullest.

The combination of the tactile roughness of the ceramic and the sleekness of the coated steel frame and wooden tray creates a harmonious blend of materials that maximizes available space.

The components of the Drip Kit can also be repurposed as versatile accessories for your workspace, serving as a cardholder, office organizer, or even a small flower vase.

Demark Award 2022